New 10km PB (48:17), and some chicken tagine.

It’s not that I’m training well at the moment. I think I’m just seeing the results of all the good running I did in May and June. That ridiculous long run of 39 km comes back to bite me in the… foot, and I am not running as much as I want to. But I did beat my 10km record by about three minutes. The actual running felt pretty relaxed and easy, but two things made this run a little less enjoyable:

First off i have what feels like sore muscles in my feet (feels like any other sore muscle except I have to walk on it). It’s not that it’s really painful, I just worry and it makes me feel less invincible.

Secondly my stomach was overfilled with delicious chicken tagine. Seriously, try it! I had a ready made “tagine” spice mix with some ground sesame seeds in it. Sadly I had to substitute preserved lemons with fresh lemon, but even so, the result was just fantastic. I recommend all to try this dish after a good long run.

If you don’t have an actual tagine (clay pot) just use an oven proof pot and leave it in the oven for a while. If you have an old Römertopf lying about that would be perfect.

Ingredients in the spice mix (in order of amount): Sesame seeds, dried garlic, paprika, ginger, turmeric, white pepper, cinnamon. So quite simple for a Ras el Hanout-mix. I bought this from my new favourite shop here in Copenhagen, ASA Trading. They import spices from all around the world that taste much better than the supermarket versions. Especially spice mixes are hard to find elsewhere. Usually there’s so much salt in them that I can’t taste the actual spices. ASA have a Jamaican jerk spice rub also, which is amazing. Jerk spice is made from All-spice, “Scotch bonnet” chilis and some other spices, and is the ultimate barbeque spice in my humble opinion.


New 5k record!

Østerbro Stadion 2009. Not my photo.

Østerbro Stadion 2009. Not my photo. It rained today.

I went to Østerbro Stadium by myself today. I like running on a track. The surface is soft and grippy. I beat my 5km record as planned, and I’m thinking I might never shave 01:52 of my 5k record in one go again. 21:30, or an average pace of 04:18/km. The weird thing is I felt so slow!

Next up is my 10k record, and I’m going to beat it by more than two minutes. I think. My 1000m record of 4 min is also going down.

New years eve half marathon


Finally managed to beat my half marathon record. I ran 1:57:27 yesterday, and that is three minutes faster than spring 2011. It was a family oriented race, so the road was full of children from five and up running 2k and 5k.


Psychologically this was great, because it helped me to take it easy the first 10k. On the other hand I was running zig zag… For me it worked out well yesterday, because I’ve had problems with keeping slow pace in the beginning. Hopefully there are some new records ahead.

It felt like I was going faster and faster, but I was actually going
more or less the same tempo through the race.

It was also my first half-marathon in minimal shoes. While overall it was a positive experience, I must admit my calves are extra sore today. It felt good though.

The route consisted of four 5 km laps and a 1.1 km extra lap at the end. I really liked that, because it makes it easier to plan the race, visualize, and take one lap at the time. The last km was just a joy.

Restitution with champagne. Happy new year, bloggers, runners and everybody else!



Runkeeper congratulates me with a new record! 1 km in 4 seconds! The real record however, was “farthest distance ran before the GPS finds its location.” Unfortunately.

The good news is I can now go for a (short) run every day without injuring myself. It’s taken me over a year to get here. Until now I’ve always taken a full day’s restitution between runs, or paid the price in sore legs. This makes things easier. And I feel more and more secure in the minimal shoes. I am a little sorry that I didn’t run barefoot more this summer when I had the chance.

Also I’ve started playing with intervals again. My system is to jog along at a comfortable pace. Whenever I feel like it, i run fast for about 30 seconds. And then back to the slow tempo. My slow tempo is at about 5:30/km and the fast is at about 3:00/km. This is a lot faster than I can run a km, but still feels comfortable, and more important: Fun.

I am going to alternate with some longer intervals, ideally a km at about 4:00 min/km. But I’m not there yet. Anyway my ideal half marathon race pace is at about 5:00 at this point.

Nordhavn – Svanemøllen, a trip along the pier.

Today I got up, and my girlfriend had prepared an enormous meal of egg and bacon, home baked bread, cheese and coffee. And after that I went out and easily ran 20 km. I can honestly say It’s the most effortless running I have ever done in my life.

I have been having a bit of tiredness on the inside and outside of my calves lately. I’ve heard that compression socks is one of the very few things that are scientifically proven to improve results. So I borrowed some off my girlfriend, and I think they did the trick. My guess is, they provide that tiny bit of support my weakling ankles need. On the other hand, it could just be that I’m getting stronger. I’ve rested well since last week.

Sometime soon I hope I’ll come to the point where I can actually start running. Right now I’m just hobbling along at just under 10 km/h. “Travel diary” will be posted. Very nice trip.

And I must add the Neo Trails are simply amazing when it comes to grip on icy surfaces. Running on a wet icy wooden pier is generally considered dangerous, and I wouldn’t attempt it in any other shoe. I was a bit skeptic to this shoe after reading some mixed reviews, but I know for certain than none of the reviewers had tried the shoe in winter, as it only came out in summer 2011. Also it seems that people who live in warmer countries tend to conclude “too warm, doesn’t drain: Dealbreaker” or “No rockplate, overly aggressive grip”, while I’ve read reviews from Denmark and Britain stating “This is THE shoe for winter conditions”. I guess the same  things that makes it good also makes it not suitable for hot weather. Anyway, amazing shoe.

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