Beach life

Screenshot from 2013-06-07 21:34:38

IMAG0649I ran a 5k in less than 24 minutes yesterday, which means I am more or less back to the shape I was in in December before I got the mother of colds for three months. Today I got to run with my wife and my daughter pacing me on a bike! Double happiness! Now I lay low until group training Monday. If I can.


Fatherhood and intervals

Since my last post I’ve become father of a beautiful daughter who enjoys milk a lot. She hasn’t got a name yet, but we call her “Lanugo” after the little baby-hairs on her shoulders. She makes life a lot more enjoyable and that includes my interval running. Also, a few days without running makes running more enjoyable.

Interval work: Second km 4:15, fourth 04:13.

(Short term-goal: 3 1km laps under 4:10. This earns me new shoes.)