Parkrun, one word

Parkrun is a free, local, unofficial 5k race. ImageThe concept started as the Bushy Park Time Trial in 2004. The idea caught peoples interest, including , importantly, some sponsors. Soon it spread all overUK and now is gaining popularity in several countries, including Denmark! It’s volunteer- and community driven, and as far as I can tell from my local race, there’s a very friendly atmosphere. Here in Copenhagen it takes place every Saturday at 09:00 in a couple of different venues.

It was sunny today and for once I had dressed properly. I came in as number 13 out of about 60, with the time 20:12. I was hoping to beat my 19:50 record, but I’m still happy and felt like I ran well. Also happy that my previous time wan’t just a fluke or GPS fault. We ran on loose gravel today, record was set on track. I really like running on a track.

It might be the post run bagel speaking, but I have rarely felt so relaxed and easy after a run. Something about the 5k distance seems to agree with me. It’s short enough that you can run till you puke without hurting yourself, and long enough to enforce some simple race tactics. I also think the 5000m is one of the most nerve wrecking sports to watch on the TV, because you never know until the last KM what is going to happen, and there’s all kinds of bullying and tactics going on.

No bullying today, except for a guy in a tri suit passing me so smoothly and evenly it killed my buzz. I usually run steadily, but never with a negative split. I think I’m just not as good at gutting it out as some. I felt very relaxed and elevated after the race, while the dudes in front of me were rolling on the grass and moaning. I think I could have tried just a little bit harder. My wife and daughter were there to cheer me on, but I was so focused I didn’t even notice them. Very happy to see them afterwards though.

Next time I’m going with a terrible plan: Sticking with the front guys as far as I can, and then facing the consequences. Literally the worst race plan ever, but I’m struggling to overcome my innate laziness, and want to see if I can wake the dragon.

Anyway I have now found my perfect free running club(s). Marathon Sport free interval training on Mondays or Wednesdays, and then Parkrun as a tempo run (or somtimes faster) on Saturdays.

There were a lot of Brits running as well. People here on business and holiday. Recommend to anyone passing through.


New 5k record!

Østerbro Stadion 2009. Not my photo.

Østerbro Stadion 2009. Not my photo. It rained today.

I went to Østerbro Stadium by myself today. I like running on a track. The surface is soft and grippy. I beat my 5km record as planned, and I’m thinking I might never shave 01:52 of my 5k record in one go again. 21:30, or an average pace of 04:18/km. The weird thing is I felt so slow!

Next up is my 10k record, and I’m going to beat it by more than two minutes. I think. My 1000m record of 4 min is also going down.