Skating Copenhagen

Skating is not the most glamorous sport, but it sure is addictive. Copenhagen is actually a pretty good city for skating, with lots of open outdoors skateparks. For street skating it’s a mixed bag: Very rainy and lots of cobblestone. Most of the pavement is made of rough cement with big rocks in it. I’ve also been knocked off my board by the wind a couple of times. Riding downwind is fun though.

I’m very new to skating so I’m still in that happy place where it gets a little easier every day. At first I was a little embarassed to get on the board in public, but I soon noticed that nobody cares. I’ve been to Fælledparken Skatepark once, and I loved it. I did some slow fakies up the ramp, and on the second try I didn’t fall.

From here on it can only get better.

Custom grip tape

Custom grip tape

Young tagger

Young tagger

Skating bruises are cool

Skating bruises are cool


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