Sewing, snowboarding, buying a skateboard… the usual stuff.

Where to start? My mother in law and I came up with the idea of giving my wife a skiing trip for her birthday. But actually even before that, I was annoyed with all my favourite clothes being too big, so I bought a ridiculously cheap sewing machine. I “sized down” two pairs of jeans and three shirts in a couple of afternoons. They turned out really nice, and I saved money.

So naturally, when we started to buy gear for skiing (me being a real cheapskate) I said “Oh, I’ll sew a couple of ski pants, easily.” Famous last words. My (red) pants were done in 90 minutes. My wife’s pants took me several days and gave me a lot of frustration, but also a lot of pride afterwards. Air vents on the thighs, completely watertight, cargo pockets, edge protection on the inside of the legs, snow cuffs. SO MANY DETAILS. I also chose a really tough fabric that was hard to fold. And luckily she loved it. The stitching is pretty bad, but I think these pants will last a long time.


My hippie pants. I am improving these with cargo pockets and a big waterproof padding on the butt, because… snowboard.

20150227_124901_resized 20150227_125000_resized20150305_112237_resized

As the holiday approached, I remembered that I actually used to rent snowboard instead of skis, back in the days. I haven’t snowboarded since 96, so it was a tough start at the top of the mountain. After a while it was insanely fun though. I had no idea riding was easier than skiing as soon as you go off piste in powder.


Big smile!

I wanted to keep snowboarding home in Copenhagen (that was a joke), so I went and bought a cheap skateboard. (I’m going the opposite way of the board evolution: from surfing to skateboard to snowboard.) There’s a very nice skate park in Fælledparken, and I’ve been watching the guys who skate pools. That look like so much fun, how they just go on and on like an infinity machine. I have absolutely no shame when it comes to being an old rookie on a skateboard. Fatherhood takes away all shame I guess. BTW My daughter totally shreds, as long as I hold her hand.

And I’m still running, of course.



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