I’m using an app called Strava. I think it’s a simplification of the Swedish word sträva, meaning strive, or work hard. I’ve used the app three times, but my wife uses it more often, and it seems OK. It has one function that is a little bit odd, but also fun. You are always competing for records on certain stretches around town. And most people probably don’t even know that they are competing. Typically, a challenge is to run across a bridge or up a steep hill. E.g. this 180m race track is called “temporary bridge”. The whole thing seems like something out of a computer game. In the future, when zombies have taken over the world, all bridges will have computer generated names like that.
temp_bridgeAs I don’t use the app, I’m not partaking in the competition, but the record is something like 23 seconds, and it took me 27. The bridge is really really flat, and a dream to run fast on. Even better than a race track, if you’re wearing cushioned shoes. The winner gets to have his name displayed at the top of the list, and people will probably suspect you of cheating by riding a bike. The game is on!


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