One last swim in the ocean


It may not look too tempting to go for a swim here… The water was 12 degrees Celsius, but getting out wasn’t terrible.

Long run along the coast today. The suburbs northeast of Copenhagen is dubbed “The whisky belt” because of all the fancy houses.


Copenhagen was just as grey as the backdrop of The Killing today.  Sort of beautiful in a minimalist, gloomy way. I stopped at 20 kilometres. It’s hard to find time for longer runs than this, but I have felt an urge to run long lately. Probably because it’s colder, so it’s nice not to be breathing too hard.



3 thoughts on “One last swim in the ocean

  1. 12 degrees?
    I would need a lot of encouragement and/or alcohol to jump in lol.
    Although back in NYC it was tradition to jump in the water after a race in late November. But it was crossing the finish line and run towards the sea, no thinking, clothes on.

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