Spartan run

Went for another run with Sparta yesterday. I don’t feel completely at home running with a group, but I do push myself harder than usual. To be completely honest I’m not sure I like it that much, but I’ve paid for three months, so I’m going to give it a real chance. The worst that can happen is that I learn some new exercises and become a better runner. People are very friendly and talkative, but something about occupying the whole sidewalk with a group of runners makes me feel like a lemming.

I ran with a group of fast marathoners, and was close to dead last every interval. Totally spent afterwards. Note to self: don’t eat osso buco ten minutes before a hard run. And switch to the 4:45/km group, because everybody else is faster than they say.

I’m myself again after my long run in the mountain last week. I feel like trail running is the sport I really do, even though there is no trails where I live. Everything else, even racing, feels like a treadmill compared to the thrill of discovering nature on foot. I’m thinking of signing up for some trail races next year. Marathon distance.

Running in the city isn’t necessarily all bad. This fall has been the best one ever in Copenhagen.







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