New 5k PB: 19:25


So another 13 seconds closer to 18:59. This post will be all about running form and pace. I promise the next post will be more fun. Hint: it will be about ice cream.

Beautiful morning, very zen, like a mac screensaver. I think I’m in love with Parkrun. The people are great, the distance (5k) has plenty of challenge, and it’s just a great way to start Saturday morning.

wpid-20141011_120925.jpgI ran in my well worn Vivobarefoot trail shoes today, and enjoyed the extra grip. Im going in cycles as to how far on the front of the foot I run. This last month I’ve enjoyed a more forefoot landing, which gives me some “free” springiness in my step. What I like about it is that it feels like the vertical movement works as a separate mechanism that requires no work on my part, like a machine, and then all I need to do is run. This sounds very nice, but I also have periods when I land closer to the heel, and I feel like I can conserve some energy that way. Not a heel landing really, but more to the outside of the midfoot. This second method works better if I’m running slow. Which I’m thinking maybe I should do a little less: I reminded myself to use my speed today, and it felt good. The sprint at the end was great (I’m always surprised to find some extra energy near the end of the race, even when I’m very tired).

What I’m beginning to think is that my speed when running is very dependent on running form, and that if I dont use my speed, and run at a pace where I’m efficient, I’m just wasting a lot of energy. Basically I’m terrible at grinding out medium fast high mileage, but I find it much easier to run shorter distances faster. One example is that I had enormous problems getting below 46 minutes for the 10k, because I ran out of steam, and had to resort to my crappy running technique for the last couple of km. As soon as my endurance improved, I could run 10k in 43 minutes relatively easy. In other words, it’s not like I can just reduce my speed by 5% and somehow save that energy for later. I feel like I got over a threshold for where I could “run” the 10k rather than just stick it out.

So the way I think about it is that my legs have a given speed that I need to use, and below that point I’m just not very efficient. The image that I have us that of a speed boat, which will lie too deep in the water at low speed, but at a certain threshold it becomes much more energy efficient. That’s exactly how I felt today.


A foggy day in Copenhagen town… notice the moon is still up!


Restitution: playing bingo. I lost. But who cares, I PB’d!


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