Summer turns to fall

I got to spend a week in Norway, working, learning new music and celebrating a bunch of family birthdays. It was harder than it sounds, specifically the work part. I’m not sure I’ll ever sing baritone solo in Fauré’s requiem and Carmina Burana in the same day ever again. But thanks to my running habit and my lovely daughter, I also had moments like these:


Free Stairmaster


The Office


Does anyone own a red Buick?


Young mountaineer


Just say “mellon”.


The last summer day

wpid-20140926_110215.jpg wpid-20140924_165831.jpg wpid-20140928_092145.jpg


4 thoughts on “Summer turns to fall

  1. Not all the pictures are showing to me, some just show half.
    The one by the water it’s a really nice shot.
    You sound great, checked your other website. Really nice.
    I wish I could sing 10% as good as you lol.
    I’m a fan of opera, and classical music in general, fan not an expert.
    My singer career started and ended when I was “singing” In braccio a mille furie and a couple caught. I was walking my dog, thought the park was empty, I’m sure they thought someone was being killed.
    Have a nice week!

    • Lol that’s a very hard aria. Farinelli had some “advantages” that few men posess today, if you catch my drift ;-P

      I was once threatened with a knife for singing in a park. The neighbours are more tolerant though, luckily. Singing is a lot like any other sport, you just have to practice, steady and easy.

      Fixed the pics, thanks for the heads up.

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