More pasta next time

I PR’ed by a few seconds today, in Copenhagen Half Marathon. I belive it was around 1:45:47. As every other time I’ve run the distance, I ran the first 15k according to plan, and from there on I just longed for a warm bath and a cold drink. Either there is something physiological that makes me less adapted to longer distances, or there is something about my training that I need to change. I know for sure that I give my best during the race, because I could hardly stand up afterwards.


I have also been eating less carbohydrates than usual, except for lots of fruit and some juice on race day. Next time I will definitely eat that mandatory pasta dinner on the night before. I could smell ammonia on my clothes after the race, which is a sign of burning protein (if I’ve understood it correctly). The problem is likely to be about muscle glycogen, because I feel like I’m flying for the first half of the race and then I bonk very early in the race. My times on 400-5000 meter are better than many runners who beat me at long distances. Up to 10k is fun. It’s weird that I managed a good sprint the last 800 meters.

Now I’m off to singing Monteverdi’s opera l’Orfeo. Not the worst recovery.


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