Sometimes it’s nice to be a jogger


Joggers don’t call themselves joggers anymore, but I think it’s a very good word. It tells people “I don’t win races, but I like to run anyway”. The thought came up tonight because I went for a run in the dark, and I suddenly I thought of “the Curse of the Jogger“, as described by Mark Remy. (Dead bodies are always found by “joggers”, not “runners, when described in the media”.) I think the main reason is that all “runners” who are not professional runners are considered joggers by the general public. Who cares, right?

But anyway tonight I feared that there might be a curse after all, so I slowed down in fear of tripping on some rocks. I should have brought a flashlight. I tried a new type of intervals today, where I ran two minutes at half marathon tempo, and then two minutes considerably faster, for about 5-6k. The idea was to show myself that my chosen race tempo of 4:45/km is a reasonable ambition. Felt like it worked.

Ended the run with a swim in the ocean. Not just a plunge, a real swim. Pitch dark sky, all alone, red full moon hanging on the horizon. It’s completely unheard of to have nice bathing temperatures in Denmark in September. Like the laws of physics have been broken or something. Beautiful night skies are hard to photograph unfortunately.

I find that I get more and more lazy as race day approaches, like I come with taper built into my brain. If I can put in any kind of run every day this last week, I’m happy, never mind “quality training”. I’m a little bit bored with running at race pace. When this half marathon is done I want to run lots and lots of 400m intervals.

And lastly: a note to all tourists in Copenhagen with kids and a minimum of skill with animals: At Fortunens Ponycenter you can rent a pony for 30 minutes or more. It’s just a short bike ride from Lyngby or Klampenborg train stations, and very easy to access by car. It’s right next to Kongens Dyrehave, a big park that used to be the king’s hunting grounds. Bring cash!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s nice to be a jogger

  1. I found a dead body last year. Was in the newspaper and all, not my name but as a “passer by”

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