24 hours around Søerne


September is here but it still feels like summer. The beach looks like this. We go swimming every other day. Pretty nice.

I’m a bit scared of the half marathon race next weekend. I’m nervous because it might go well. Or it might just be same old feeling of being invincible and lightfooted for 15 k and then crashing. I’m on a very moderate low carbohydrate diet, and it seems I’m losing weight. I will keep this up (because I feel fine) until the race, not carboload at all, and snack during the race. I call it an experiment. I think it’s really more of a performance technique I’ve learned from music, which is to focus on something complicated but measurable to keep fear and anxiety off my mind. Like “my legs will hurt like hell… what an interesting experiment”.

I’m making tortillas. Finally ordered masa harina online. Thank god for the Internet! Chilihouse.dk have both that and chipotle salsa. I don’t have a tortilla press, so all my tortillas read IKEA backwards.


Easy to make and delicious. Get masa harina, because regular cornstarch will just become polenta. Masa harina is treated with lime (Ca(OH)2, not fruit), which makes the protein more sticky, kind of like gluten. Traditionally this was done with ash. And I love love love chipotle, smoked chillies.


Tomorrow I will go and watch the final 20 minutes of a 24 hour run around Søerne (the lakes) in Copenhagen. My wife just came home from a run and wondered why she’d been able to outrun a bunch of very fit looking people. Turns out they are running frøken Hansens 24 timers løb. I just want to see it live. Awesome feat. And a little bit crazy.


2 thoughts on “24 hours around Søerne

  1. I love corn tortillas, the ones you get at the supermarket taste too fake. Thanks god they sell Maseca here, the best one to make your own tortillas and venture into another recipes like “Gorditas”, “Pupusas” and Corn Patties.

    • Had them again today. Tasty and fun to make. Just finished a book called 1491 about America before Columbus. A great read, and it makes you want corn. ;-) will explore gorditas

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