Tempo run with a view


I stopped and restarted my tempo run to take this picture. It looked better in real life. Right after this shot I saw a double rainbow in perfect symmetry over a bridge with symmetrical towers on each side. But I had a tempo run to do. I kept my hoped for race tempo for 40 minutes and then went home.

This morning I was caught by surprise to see hundreds of lightening fast cyclists with those alien helmets on. Apparently Copenhagen is on the “Road to Kona”. (If it was just a little farther along that road we’d have a nice climate.)


It looked like a nice sunny cool day to do an Ironman. Even though, for some reason hours and hours on a bike doesn’t appeal to me.

I am pretty psyched about running this half marathon. I think there’s a good chance I’ll PR.


2 thoughts on “Tempo run with a view

  1. The view is great.
    I was looking forward to race in Copenhagen on 09/13 but since I’m not in top racing conditions I’ll leave for next year.

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