Meet the Spartans!

sparta-badgeI’ve finally joined a running club: Sparta is one of the biggest athletic clubs in Denmark. And they have a huge running division for us average joggers as well. There are other options out there, but the main selling point for Sparta is that it’s such a big and diverse organization, so there’s several different sessions to choose from every day, which means that even if you have highly irregular work hours, you still have some good options. We meet up at Idrætshuset, and then the coaches present today’s activities, and you can join any group. I am usually happy running alone, but it’s nice to meet some new people and maybe get some help to pull through the long runs and tempo runs. We’ll see how it goes.

I have been to one training, and I got some tips from one of Denmarks best half marathoners. I am running a half in three weeks time, and the plan is to get two more tempo runs @ 4:40/km for 40 mins, and then do short tempo runs and easy running up to the race. I’m also going to be careful with what I eat up to the race, meaning less beer and junk food. I love a simple plan.

10% off physiotherapi for members only.

10% off physiotherapi for members only.


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