Running “naked”.


Runkeeper finally managed to delete all of my activities. Suddenly I had two separate accounts with the same login. And now it’s gone. I take comfort in that my legs keep good count of the mileage, even if it’s not on some server somewhere. The results will have to be the measure of my training. I’ll start a new log on paper next month. Maybe. I like the feeling of not keeping count.


2 thoughts on “Running “naked”.

  1. I use Runtastic and for a week keep playing games on me. Pausing or stoping the activity just because. I had to delete the app and install it again, not seems to be working ok. I use RunKeeper as a backup. But you are right, your body keeps good track of the mileage.

    • Sometimes it’s nice to see afterwards on a map where I’ve been. But otherwise those apps just count miles, which is just as easy with pen and paper. I’ve also used an app called Strava, which seems OK, The app doesn’t crash. I have a GPS watch that I use for pacing, so i mainly keep these accounts for storage of data. But now I’m off the grid! Good luck with your walking! I’m amazed that some people can walk 20 k in 1:18!

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