I credit trail running for my new PB! 10km in 43 minutes. That’s a 3 minute improvement. Finally broke the terrible 45 min barrier!

I’ve lost a little bit of weight as well, but the main reason I’ve improved is probably that I’ve added a lot of easy mileage. Any off day, when before I would rest, I now run just 4-7 km really slow and easy. Also been trail running in Norway. In case you didn’t know, Norway is extremely hilly. The wife and I went for a run from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter last week, and I was surprised at how easy the hills were for both of us. I’ve been wondering about this route for a long time. I though i’d probably have to walk part of the way, but it seems running every day, even if it’s not far, has given me a great speed boost. I’m surprised, though I guess everybody really knows this. It’s something else to experience it yourself though. Running is more comfortable than ever.

I’m still off the sugar, although not religiously. I do feel it’s the easiest way for me to maintain a good weight. (I’m still 8kg heavier than I was when I was a fully grown teenager, so I’m far from the anorectic.) I eat sugary foods if it’s something extra special, like something really delicious and home baked, but avoid the sort of everyday snacks most people eat, and I eat mostly whole grain types of bead. Don’t miss the sweets much really.

43 minutes on a 10k… I’m pretty pleased with myself. Mostly because breaking 45 was my ultimate goal when I started out running. I guess now the game is on for a 19 minute 5k. And a half marathon PB should be around the corner. I still have to put some more work in if I am to beat Lars Budolfsen, a parent at my daughter’s kindergarten: He just finished 17th for marathon in the European Championships! 2:17:54. I don’t really know him but I still feel proud that my neighbourhood is represented. Bravo. Guess he’s been hill training as well, the race was in Zürich.




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