Life Sugar free.

I’ve tried life without the white powder a few times. I’m always surprised at how easy it is and how quickly both sugar and food cravings go away. The sugar habit is a prime example of a vicious cycle.


The funny thing is, I remember learning when I was a kid that grown ups didn’t eat sweets. Maybe candy and cookies are a part of our “I don’t wanna grow up”- culture? You could say the same for pizza. The idea of being so young and fit you can eat whatever you like is very seductive. But athletes have been avoiding “bad carbs” for decades now. And growing up I knew well that you couldn’t eat pizza every day. It’s easy to laugh at the “gluten free” crowd, but the truth is that our love affair with white flour and sugar has to end soon.


And why not? I’m not missing out on anything and I feel better. It’s not as if that next cinnamon bun is going to blow my mind. It’s not as if it’s a luxury product made with expensive ingredients. An apple has higher value.

The trouble starts when I’m tired and only sweet foods are within reach. I hate being hungry. But that is slowly getting easier. 7-11 now sells a few healthy salads. And I’ve made it a habit to always bring fruit or nuts. I guess the times are changing. The gluten phobics are paving the road for the rest of us, hate it or love it.


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