I am not going to turn this into a fashion blog. For that my taste in clothes is much too utilitarian. I hate things that are “designer”. I think things that are functional are beautiful in themselves. Example:


Starck’s lemon juicer is a thing of beauty but it’s not any good. It’s unstable and takes up a lot of space. It’s beautiful until you try to use it. Objects like this annoy me. I like this one instead:


Those little teeth that keep the lemon seeds out of my lemonade, are beautiful. The dots on the outside of the cup that make for better grip are pure genius. What could be prettier than something that actually works?

One thing I do like however, is running clothes that look like normal clothes. I want my clothes to be light, breathable and quick drying, but I don’t want to look like a bionic super human for my easy runs. Example:


I don’t know these people (if they are in fact human) but it’s easy to tell that they are evil.

And what’s the deal with black running clothes? They absorb heat in the day and increase the likelihood of you becoming roadkill at night. They should be banned.

I’m really in a ranting mood today.

Anyway I’ve found some discrete and casual looking shorts and shirts at H&M, so it seems my hunt is now over. I can wear these items, and people will think I’m the reincarnation of Steve Prefontaine.

And they work! Super comfy and everybody can tell that I am not naked, nor a triathlon robot. I got compliments for my style while waiting at a traffic light today. From a guy. He looked more gangster than gay. Maybe he was just messing with me.


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