Indian summer

wpid-20140709_142609.jpgRunning in the heat may be tough, but my muscles and joints are very very happy. It’s a fantastic feeling to just head out for a run in my work clothes (shorts and t shirt). Some times I even run shirtless, which is not my usual style.

I also want to share that I love my inov8 233 running shoes. They have a little bit of drop, but I don’t really notice it. They are mostly for roads, and don’t have a lot of grip. But my feet love them.

wpid-download-1.jpg.jpegAnd I’m reading “Pure white and deadly” (1972) by John Yudkin. Apparently he was a bit of a renegade back then, fighting his battles with nutritionists and the sugar lobbies. In short he did some experiments on rats where he gave them sugar, and they got fatty livers and all those life style diseases we know and hate. He makes a strong case for limiting sugar in your diet. I’ve read that the author was not himself fanatic about avoiding sugar, which somehow makes him more sympathetic. But the title of the book speaks for itself: he wanted people to know that sugar is not food.


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