Here’s the proof: I am a funny guy. (+ I will perform at Copenhagen Opera Festival)

The worst thing I know is people who brag indirectly, so I’ll just jump right into it: Today, just after doing my 4.000.000 daily push ups, I read the latest post from the hilarious blog Remy’s World. And my puny comment is mentioned! I feel as if a professional chef told me my bearnaise was perfect. I love you too, Mark.

Screenshot from 2014-07-01 20:38:32

And here’s the actual proof:


That looks a lot like a zombie version of me. (PS I did buy the race photo.)

Seriously though, I can’t see how people can get so worked up over proof race photos. I never asked to be photographed, and I will use the images they send me whatever way I want. Mark Remy himself has concluded that he will buy any race photo he wants to use from now on. I probably would too, if sharing ugly race photos was my job. Lucky guy.

uk_romeojulie-788x370Speaking of which, my job (as an opera singer) isn’t too bad either right now. I’m working on a chamber version of Gounod’s opera “Romeo et Juliette”. The cast is great, and we get to fence on the tables for hours every day. It’s actually so hard I don’t want to run on rehearsal days. At times the fencing is so much fun, I feel like I’m in a pirate daydream. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Premiere on the 27th of July in Copenhagen. It’s in Danish, which is rare these days. It looks as if it’s going to be really good, and by that I mean as good as any chamber version in Danish of a French romantic opera will ever be, so don’t miss it.


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