Life Sugar free.

I’ve tried life without the white powder a few times. I’m always surprised at how easy it is and how quickly both sugar and food cravings go away. The sugar habit is a prime example of a vicious cycle.


The funny thing is, I remember learning when I was a kid that grown ups didn’t eat sweets. Maybe candy and cookies are a part of our “I don’t wanna grow up”- culture? You could say the same for pizza. The idea of being so young and fit you can eat whatever you like is very seductive. But athletes have been avoiding “bad carbs” for decades now. And growing up I knew well that you couldn’t eat pizza every day. It’s easy to laugh at the “gluten free” crowd, but the truth is that our love affair with white flour and sugar has to end soon.


And why not? I’m not missing out on anything and I feel better. It’s not as if that next cinnamon bun is going to blow my mind. It’s not as if it’s a luxury product made with expensive ingredients. An apple has higher value.

The trouble starts when I’m tired and only sweet foods are within reach. I hate being hungry. But that is slowly getting easier. 7-11 now sells a few healthy salads. And I’ve made it a habit to always bring fruit or nuts. I guess the times are changing. The gluten phobics are paving the road for the rest of us, hate it or love it.


The creative class is moving in at Nordhavnen

I run to the beach every day this week. It’s a bit too crowded for me. Summer is so short here in Scandinavia. Just a month ago I had the pier to myself. Now it looks like this:


The water is also too warm. Good thing I’m going to Norway in a few weeks! Give me some real ocean!

The old shipping dock at Nordhavnen is gone, and they are building apartments and offices in old industrial buildings. I made a little detour and took some pictures. The old area is a building site. Hipsters are already sipping white wine on the rusty balconies. It has been closed to the public until now.


Sometimes I envy people who work in media and advertising, for their hip offices and parties.

It’s going to be exciting to see how development goes here. With some luck it will be an awesome addition to my route to the beach.

I like the idea of using industrial buildings for offices - but why do they have to dress it up to look like a bank? Those colours are so boring.

I like the idea of using industrial buildings for offices – but why do they have to dress it up to look like a bank? Those windows are so boring.



I want to go in there so badly, but I don't dare.

I want to go in there so badly, but I don’t dare.


Yours truly.

Bye bye, industrial age.

Bye bye, industrial age.

I hope they leave some of these buildings.

I hope they leave some of these buildings.


Look slike a one storey version of New Yorks red brick buildings.

Look slike a one storey version of New York’s red brick buildings.




I am not going to turn this into a fashion blog. For that my taste in clothes is much too utilitarian. I hate things that are “designer”. I think things that are functional are beautiful in themselves. Example:


Starck’s lemon juicer is a thing of beauty but it’s not any good. It’s unstable and takes up a lot of space. It’s beautiful until you try to use it. Objects like this annoy me. I like this one instead:


Those little teeth that keep the lemon seeds out of my lemonade, are beautiful. The dots on the outside of the cup that make for better grip are pure genius. What could be prettier than something that actually works?

One thing I do like however, is running clothes that look like normal clothes. I want my clothes to be light, breathable and quick drying, but I don’t want to look like a bionic super human for my easy runs. Example:


I don’t know these people (if they are in fact human) but it’s easy to tell that they are evil.

And what’s the deal with black running clothes? They absorb heat in the day and increase the likelihood of you becoming roadkill at night. They should be banned.

I’m really in a ranting mood today.

Anyway I’ve found some discrete and casual looking shorts and shirts at H&M, so it seems my hunt is now over. I can wear these items, and people will think I’m the reincarnation of Steve Prefontaine.

And they work! Super comfy and everybody can tell that I am not naked, nor a triathlon robot. I got compliments for my style while waiting at a traffic light today. From a guy. He looked more gangster than gay. Maybe he was just messing with me.

A very short Inov8 F-Lite 195 review





Exellent grip, cushy but firm. Fits like the RoadX 233, that is long and pointy, which may be good or bad depending on your foot type. I choose to buy them slightly long rather than too narrow. Haven’t stumbled yet.

A pretty light shoe as well, 195g in a men’s 9, (hence the name). It’s for midfoot strikers, heel strikers may find it too firm.

I bought it to race my local Parkrun, which is a 5k race on loose gravel. I have a lot of road shoes, but needed a pair with more grip. I like them a lot so far. They should give me a PB soon.

The upper is not padded or reinforced for rough trails. I think they are best for dirt trails, gravel and roads.

Exploring Refshaleøen


I ran during my lunch break today, and used a good 50 minutes running around Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. I have been longing to go running here for a while. There are old  18th century harbour buildings, bunkers from second world war, industrial buildings, lots of ruins and actually some real jungle! It was an exciting place to run, and I will definitely go there again. Some areas feel as if they are off limits, but I kept an eye out for “No trespassing” signs, and mostly the area is open to the public. It’s right on the edge of Christiania, and I’ve seen groups of young men camping in some of the deserted buildings. Christiania is mostly a nice place, but they do deal in illegal drugs, so the idea of stumbling upon some shady squatters crossed my mind.

Will definitely go again.

Feeling rich

Started the day with a run to the beach and a swim. Somehow it makes me feel rich, because that’s exactly what I think I’d do if I were rich.

One definition of wealth is that you earn more than you spend, and if I just took better care of my pension I would be rich by that definition. Even though I earn less than average. The problem with running is, you might need a good pension.


It was also nice to come home to my daughter’s fresh baked cookies! In real life I’m off sugar again, and it really helps with regulating appetite. Unfortunately not eating sugar is difficult and almost antisocial.

Indian summer

wpid-20140709_142609.jpgRunning in the heat may be tough, but my muscles and joints are very very happy. It’s a fantastic feeling to just head out for a run in my work clothes (shorts and t shirt). Some times I even run shirtless, which is not my usual style.

I also want to share that I love my inov8 233 running shoes. They have a little bit of drop, but I don’t really notice it. They are mostly for roads, and don’t have a lot of grip. But my feet love them.

wpid-download-1.jpg.jpegAnd I’m reading “Pure white and deadly” (1972) by John Yudkin. Apparently he was a bit of a renegade back then, fighting his battles with nutritionists and the sugar lobbies. In short he did some experiments on rats where he gave them sugar, and they got fatty livers and all those life style diseases we know and hate. He makes a strong case for limiting sugar in your diet. I’ve read that the author was not himself fanatic about avoiding sugar, which somehow makes him more sympathetic. But the title of the book speaks for itself: he wanted people to know that sugar is not food.

Six hour fencing session.

Today we were fencing the whole day. I really had to man up for it. Just holding my phone makes my arm heavy with lactic acid. I’ll post a video if I get one that’s good. Let’s just say I don’t feel bad about not running today, and I feel like exploring other sports. Tomorrow the Wife will be crushing her 23:18 record at Fælledparken Parkrun. My daughter and I will be cheering. The perfect way to start a day.

Totally unrelated:  Zach Miller runs a 05:48 mile in flippers. Poetry in motion.


A form of hedonism

Running every day isn’t about discipline. It’s a form of hedonism.

I heard Matt Fitzgerald (coach and writer) say this on Runner Academy Podcast. He might not be the first to say it, but he puts it really well. Non-runners tend to think of runners as very disciplined (uptight), but running is just a very rewarding thing in itself. Rikke Rønholt, a Danish elite runner, also talks about motivation at a very practical level:

Most people don’t organise their lives around how they look in a bathing suit. It’s just not worth rescheduling meetings for.

The main theme of her book is that each runner needs to find their own motivation and level of ambition. And, luckily, most people just aren’t vain enough to keep running for bikini season.

So out with discipline, in with motivation.

Home made ice cream barely makes it out of the churner...

Home made ice cream barely makes it out of the churner…

I am trying to drop a few kg of body fat, not by running, because that works the opposite way for me, but by eating less sugar and starch. I want to be lighter so I can run more, really. I had a good thing going with vegetables and whole grains, but since I got an ice cream maker, I’ve been eating a lot of junk.

I watched a video with the guy who wrote Wheat Belly, and although I think he comes across as a bit of a cult leader, for motivation it’s good enough. I just don’t think wheat is that bad.

Lots and lots of veggies from now on.

And hope you all stay motivated, for the right reasons.

Here’s the proof: I am a funny guy. (+ I will perform at Copenhagen Opera Festival)

The worst thing I know is people who brag indirectly, so I’ll just jump right into it: Today, just after doing my 4.000.000 daily push ups, I read the latest post from the hilarious blog Remy’s World. And my puny comment is mentioned! I feel as if a professional chef told me my bearnaise was perfect. I love you too, Mark.

Screenshot from 2014-07-01 20:38:32

And here’s the actual proof:


That looks a lot like a zombie version of me. (PS I did buy the race photo.)

Seriously though, I can’t see how people can get so worked up over proof race photos. I never asked to be photographed, and I will use the images they send me whatever way I want. Mark Remy himself has concluded that he will buy any race photo he wants to use from now on. I probably would too, if sharing ugly race photos was my job. Lucky guy.

uk_romeojulie-788x370Speaking of which, my job (as an opera singer) isn’t too bad either right now. I’m working on a chamber version of Gounod’s opera “Romeo et Juliette”. The cast is great, and we get to fence on the tables for hours every day. It’s actually so hard I don’t want to run on rehearsal days. At times the fencing is so much fun, I feel like I’m in a pirate daydream. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Premiere on the 27th of July in Copenhagen. It’s in Danish, which is rare these days. It looks as if it’s going to be really good, and by that I mean as good as any chamber version in Danish of a French romantic opera will ever be, so don’t miss it.