New pb, showrooming and pony riding.

Warmup was less than good Saturday, but my legs felt extra light and I made a new 5 k best of 19:38. This is going in the right direction. I wore my Vivobarefoot trail shoes, and although they are a bit clunky they gave me some traction on the loose gravel in Fælledparken. I think they helped. I felt very good through the race. There were a lot of fast runners this time, and I found a couple of runners just slightly faster than me. I knew if I could stick with them I’d have a pb. I remember wondering in the last third of the race “I know I’m about to get that extra energy for a surge now.” And I did. I always wonder where that energy comes from. In the last 300m a guy came sprinting from behind and I managed to shake him. Just that great childish feeling we don’t get to feel so often.


I then went straight to the shoe store to buy a pair of racing shoes with better grip, and I tried the inov8 f lite 195. They felt awesome but the shop clerk wouldn’t sell them to me because she thought my pronation was to heavy and I should get a stability shoe. From my experience this is wrong. I argued with her but she was very insistent. So I went and ordered them online for half price. I feel a little bit bad about it, but that’s just how it works nowadays. It’s hard to say no to half price. Besides the clerk was  annoying.

Then we went to Frilandsmuseet (a museum for historical agriculture) and my daughter got to ride a pony. Not bad in one day.



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