I spent some more time in my wished for 5k tempo today. 3:45/km for 1500 meters. I even talked a bit with my wife during the first two intervals. Nice to be on a treadmill sometimes.There’s a softer treadmill dubbed “For the long run” at my gym, which I usually prefer. Today I almost could not run on it, for some reason. It was too soft and felt like running in mud. I chose the harder, normal bands instead. There is so much happening with my running at the time, it’s hard to keep track of all the changes. I definitely have much better fitness over shorter distances. The more I run the more I feel like middle distance is my thing. Not that I don’t want to run a marathon, it’s just not going to be my main thing.

Bottom line is I feel great, and confident I can run a fast 5k. And by fast, I mean faster than a race walker.


Race walking used to be a very popular sport in the 19th cenury, but suffers much ridicule today. I think something about watching knees bent the wrong way with much force repeatedly makes people angry. Still, it’s pretty impressive they can walk 20k in about 1:17! Ironically, they spend more calories pr km than top runners. This moderately funny video illustrates how tired race walking will make you.

I watched the movie “Prefontaine” yesterday, starring Jared Leto. Good movie. It’s not prefect, but it’s about running and it’s dramatic (Munich 72), so I’m not complaining. I wasn’t familiar with this legendary runner who made the 5000m meter cool. Mo Farah is also pretty cool. I digress. Jared Leto does a good job at mimicking a world class runner’s stride, and they mixed it with some documentary footage. All in all a kick ass movie. Makes you want to grow a moustache and do lots of push ups, put on a yellow tank top, and set records on the track.


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