#1 Reason for having a running blog + home made ice cream.

The number one reason I have a running blog is I really don’t want to pester my friends with incessant talk about running. It’s somehow my motivation to keep it mostly to my self, and not try to make it part of my “public image”. I run because I like it. And then I can brag on my blog. Soon, when I have something to brag about.

So here goes: Today I ran 5 times 1k intervals at 3:45 pace. I felt pretty good, but I was not able to put in a sprint at the end like I usually do. Which tells me I chose a good tempo. I want to run a 5k in under 19 minutes, which means I need to get just under 3:50 km pace. Feels very straight forward when I split it in intervals, it’s a super comfy tempo. Until I have to actually run it. I saw an interview (in swedish) with a guy who ran 30 iron man races in 30 days. It made me want to never run farther than 5k ever.


I bought an ice cream maker. I haven’t gotten a perfect result yet, but I definitely sense that I will be able to make better ice cream than I can afford to buy. I made one with dates and vanilla pod yesterday, with no added sugar. Yum! Another taste I can recommend is honey and walnut (just blend it with the cream, and add some at the end before freezing). I try to avoid white sugar. Not religiously, but I just use as little as possible. If I use fruits instead, I get a more bitter/sour intense flavour. And cream is sweet already. Some sugar is necessary for a nice consistency though. My critic is pleased.



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