Man on a Mission – Colm O’Connell

It’s probably not morally right, but I love the fact that a lot of good TV content is available for free on Youtube. It’s not so much about the money, as the availability. So easy, I sometimes spend whole evenings watching videos on running. Perfect for a resting day.

Plus, my Runkeeper account has somehow split in two separate accounts, both with the same username, but different content, statistics. One has all my runs since 2011, and some of the runs logged with my app, the other has all my newer data. I downloaded all my runs, and am currently trying Strava. I like the statistics page on Runkeeper, plus it works with Linux and Garmin. But the app and the general stability of the site seems lacking. Plus I hate being reminded to “get out and achieve my weight loss goals”.

Enough ranting, watch the film.


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