Don’t run when sick, lesson 2

Marathon-Photo-TYRMILast year I ran a half marathon with the flu. I looked pretty tired, but I felt much worse. Afterwards I, felt like I’d learned my lesson.

Yesterday I had a “runner moment” again. I was googling “Should I run with a cough?” trying to find at least one source that said yes, while contemplating leaving my bike for two days (in an area with many bike thefts), leaving all my music and papers at work, running home in jeans, only to be 15 minutes late for kindergarten. All this would grant me a total of 4 km blissful running. I decided it was a bad deal.

Today I was so frustrated that I still had a cold, but what does one do when frustrated? Why, go running of course. I felt like I needed to run 10 km in less than 45 minutes to make this day a good day, at least on paper. I managed 7.5 km before I felt really sick, and light headed, and went home and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling queasy and sorry for myself.

But at least I had a brief moment after I stopped running when I felt on the top of the world.

So I guess the lesson was “Running while sick is still a bad idea in 2014”.

EDIT: I should add that the legs felt absolutely great, and I want to add some more squats and strength training for my legs to the program.







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