Summer running

Ahhh. It’s so easy to run in summer. No layering. No bloody nipples. Beautiful views. Like this one:


Or this one:


Just after i took this last picture i turned around and saw five prune-colored naked men. Nudists have a thing with cameras so I made myself scarce.

I’ve been recording with a choir just outside Copenhagen, in Ishøj. The town itself is a shopping centre, whose slogan is “There’s no way around us”, and that is literally true, though I’m not sure that’s a good thing. But as soon as you get away from that, you get views like these.


Another great run yesterday with this lovely lady:


Trespassing like a runner. It was actually rainy yesterday, but when you’ve lived in Copenhagen a while, you think it’s sunny if it only rains a little.

I’m starting to feel the benefits of “accumulated fatigue”. It’s a little bit harder than usual to walk up a flight of stairs. I enjoy it in some weird way. It’s also really easy to keep count when you run every day.


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