Nailed it!

There’s a special feeling of accomplishment in going out and doing exactly what you planned, no more and no less.When you do one constructive, planned exercise instead of trying to beat your 5k record in what was supposed to be a tempo run, or doing a 40 km long run or something other stupid like that. Today I set out to do eight reps of 400m at about 1:30 each, and even without looking at my GPS i made it. Within 9 seconds at least.

Each took me between 1:21 and 1:26. The first rep felt more sprinty, but I got more economical with each repetition, and my second to last lap was the fastest one, and probably the easiest one. Which is the whole point of running at this speed for me: improving running economy. 

I worked a bit at not overstriding. It’s tempting to run with big bouncy strides when running fast, and I was a bit surprised to find that I was actually faster when landing with the foot more under me and focusing on kicking backwards. Now I can look forward to a couple of easy runs.

BTW here’s the Hansons’ view on the term “Junk Mileage”.





4 thoughts on “Nailed it!

    • Thanks! I based the pacing on my 5k time according to a form in the Hanson Marathon Method book. It was pretty spot on as to what I could do. It said I should do 12 reps though lol. No way I was doing that… but then again I’m running 5-10k not marathons. I find it a lot easier to moderate myself if I feel like I’m doing OK. LIke, I know I’m getting faster, so there’s no need to stress. Did you get injured, a couple of years ago?

      • I did. Backed off on speed in favor of mileage and easy running with a speed-type workout every week. So far through six weeks no injuries. Also, like the point you made on another post about not having a super long run. The mileage will pile up through easy running and a lower risk of burnout.

      • I got into problems with too many and too fast tempo runs. I don’t think they did much good. Also it’s easy to just go as far as you can on long runs. My experience exactly, the mileage just piles up! Hope you stay injury free!

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