Upping the mileage gives me night sweats.

I feel like I’m going through puberty all over. I’ve been running more than before for a couple of weeks straight, and something is going on with my metabolism. Lately I’ve been hungry constantly. And these last few nights I’ve felt like I had a fever, to the point where I almost couldn’t sleep. I’ve ran high mileage before, but in fewer, longer runs, and not as steadily. I feel like my sweating is training related. According to LiveStrong (Not that I generally trust the guy), it has something to do with increased activity of the thyroid gland, to increase metabolism. I also have developed protruding veins on my skull.

I blame these guys:


Sorry, wrong picture. These guys:


Keith and Kevin Hanson and their ally Luke Humphrey who wrote the Hansons Marathon Method. As most running nerds know they want us to do shorter long runs and more easy mileage. It’s not as radical as it seems. Jack Daniels says that the long run not be more than 33% of weekly mileage, so if you run less than 50 miles a week, he basically also suggests a maximum 16 mile long run. But there are many fine points to this, and the Humphrey/Hansons book is over 200 pages.

For me, it has inspired me to up my weekly kilometres, and I’m having fun with it. Except when I can’t sleep at night.


BTW My wife ran a 23:18 5K race, and I’m mighty proud. She’s started from scratch six months ago, so if she keeps this up she might just get very fast. I don’t think I’m ever going to get to start a race with bib number sixty, or place 14th over all in a big race.


2 thoughts on “Upping the mileage gives me night sweats.

    • Me neither, and I can’t be sure that’s really the reason. But the two things happened at the same time: I got very hungry, and very sweaty, feeling feverish ;-)

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