400m is my new hobby

I’ve been snooping around the Østerbro track for a few days, but May seems to be high season for throwing javelins and other serious athletics. Obviously I don’t want to disturb those guys to run my (relatively) pathetic 800m intervals, so I went to the park to see how fast I could run 400 meters. Turns out it took me one minute and nine seconds. Can’t wait to try it on the track. For some reason I really like this distance, and I would like to see if I can get better at it. Should be faster on a firm surface at any rate.

I was partially inspired by the movie The Race that shocked the World. Not that it’s all that inspiring, it mostly just makes you want to slap Carl Lewis right on the dental braces. And then it’s just sad. But still pretty epic. It’s scary how steroids seems to turn people into agressive baboons. I’m not saying Carl Lewis was on drugs, I’m just insinuating it, like he did with Bolt.


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