What is gluten?


The power of GLUTEN!

The power of GLUTEN!

Jimmy Kimmel wants to know what gluten is. I don’t mean to ridicule anyone, and there will always be unknown factors in health science, but I think when people say gluten they sometimes really mean white bread and cookies. I hope. If you, like Jimmy and I, are very pro-pizza, then there might be some good news for you. Australian scientist Peter Gibson made a study in 2011 showing that gluten sensitivity (not to be confused with celiac disease) did indeed exist, and that sparked a whole lot of debate. In fact almost one third of Americans try to eat less gluten!

Now, Gibson himself, being a scientist, of course remained a sceptic, and now he has published a new study indicating that people who believed they were given gluten showed the same symptoms as those who really were. Read more about it here.

Now feast your eyes on this:







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