Hipster injury and Boston Billy


Sprained my ankle in these shoes from H&M today on my way to interval training with Marathon Sport. I felt a bit dumb for not putting on better shoes. I slipped in some broken glass. It still hurts a little bit. Hopefully it will be fine in a couple of days.

I have developed a specific taste in running shoes, and most so called casual sneakers fit perfectly. They have the right amount of cushioning and usually a better shape than regular running shoes. Unfortunately they have terrible traction and durability and weigh too much. Imagine the choice of colours and styles I would have if they were just a bit better made!

I managed to hang onto the fastest guy of the pack for a while longer than before. Sooner or later I’ll catch him. Maybe. All in all a very good training session. I enjoyed doing an extra effort today, inspired by last Saturday’s 5k.

I also finished my first ebook; Bill Rogers’ autobiography, which my wife gave me for Christmas. Very practical to always have a good book with me (on my phone). I enjoyed it very much, although I must shamefully admit I didn’t know anything about Bill Rodgers beforehand. I especially enjoyed his stories from his student days, with the anti Vietnam war movement, and his slowly awakening marathon ambitions. Recommended.

I am on a running literature frenzy again, rereading Born to run. I also bought Noakes’ “Lore of running”, which is not as entertaining, but speaks more to my inner nerd.


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