Remote locations


I haven’t been stretching much lately. I don’t get any soreness after running, so I didn’t see the point. Not so after a run in dense forest and hilly terrain in Norway. I have been so sore that I’ve been walking funny for three days. 

I started from my dad’s cabin, up an old logger road. It’s covered in tall grass and very steep. The first km took me 15 minutes, running as fast as I could. The second km was more climbing, with a lot of fallen trees, took me 20 minutes. Then I got lost, and after another hour I’d run/walked two more km in very dense forest. The trip down was easier. I finally encountered a well kept gravel road, and I flew down the hill again, about 4km, with 3:45 as my average tempo. I haven’t been running much hills, and I’m fascinated by the fact that I could run up to 3:20 tempo without even breathing hard. I think the downhill running probably is to blame for the soreness. Worth it.

I accidentally deleted all the photos, so I inserted a random painting from google, of the area I was running in. Really beautiful, and very remote. I had to stop and enjoy the view several times on the way up.


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