Feeling adventurous


It’s been a long time since I ran 21km, and while I could definitely feel it the last three kilometers, it wasn’t as bad as expected. It took me 1h 55m, which is OK. I was very comfortable in the rain, and nice to see some green around me for a change. I ran along the embankments out at Amager (Denmark is basically a big sand bank). The tricky thing about them is that once you embark on a run here, there is no turning back, no trains or shops or anything. The first time I ran here I felt very lost, but I’m starting to get to know the area, so this time it was OK. Halfway through I started dreaming about chocolate.


The first hints of wilderness, at Lillenok. It’s something called a Kolonihave. The dictionary says it’s an allotment or garden in English. I think it was originally meant for workers to grow their own greens, but now it’s more of a recreational area with cabins. Typically Danish, and has it’s own charm.


“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Not really like that. But there’s no turning back at this point. I had serious chocolate cravings about 12km in.


Most of the way just looked like this. Sometimes time flies when you’re doing something monotonous. The little black dot by the road is a bird watcher’s cabin (see below).



The sea is Denmark’s only true wilderness. (The rocks are of of course put there by man to break the waves.) It’s a little bit absurd for a Norwegian, in Norway we have wilderness to waste: In Denmark they have man made bird reserves. For instance an artificial island built to sustain the Øresund bridge is now a wildlife reserve.


On the inside of the embankment is a bird reserve. Also below. Hard to capture on camera how big the sky seems from here. You can turn around 360 degrees and it’s just empty, no mountains or trees.


All in all my absolute favorite route in Copenhagen, if you’ve already seen the city of course. Here’s a map of some alternate routes on the tip of Amager. You can continue all the way to the city centre on any side if you want to run more than 20 km. I think the trip around the whole island is a bit longer than a marathon, and it’s a nice route except for about 1km with some traffic.

ruter14-16-20km_amager faelled


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