Making friends with the tread mill

Long time no blog. I’ve been busy and ill, always a bad combination. For some reason the cold bacteria from kindergarten seem to feel very welcome in my body, and they keep inviting others. I’ve taken to gulping down fish liver oil every morning, seems to help. I’m desperate. I’m sure many parents go  through this. All I can say is that I hate it. When your job is singing, a simple cold can almost cripple you.

I haven’t been running much either, and as such I haven’t improved at that either. Since I finished my last production in the end of february I’ve been running and training like a madman, and I’m now more or less at the level where I was in November before work got all crazy. 10k took me 47 minutes yesterday, on a trail and in very windy conditions. I dream about breaking 40 minutes this year. While I haven’t improved much, the good news is that I feel a lot fitter, and I’m a lot stronger in other ways. I can do four chin-ups all the way down, and doing the sideways plank is getting so easy I need to add complications like lifting the top leg. I’m not trying to get bulkier, quite the opposite, but building some basic strength feels good.

And I have a new friend: The treadmill! I’ve always hated it, and never got past running a couple of kilometres on it, but for some reason, now it’s OK. I’ve found something it’s useful for: PACING! I love that I don’t have to worry about checking the pace on my wrist, or waste a single thought on that. My GPS watch is ridiculously inaccurate over short distances, and there’s no way to pace 800m intervals accurately with it. I also use tread mill for shorter tempo runs, up to 5k. My new hobby is to try to get comfortable with some new paces, around the 4/km range (6:26 mile), which is also my 5k tempo. Sometimes it feels really fast, but I feel like the more time I spend running in the tempo, the more normal it feels. We’ll see how that works out. I’m alternating with running outdoors, but the weather in Copenhagen is really bad this spring, with a bit of snow even, and very windy.

The wife has gone completely running mental, and I have a growing fear that she will beat me soon, after running for just six months. She easily broke 25 minutes for the 5k, and that took me a lot of hard work.

Anyway: The running year has started, and happy trails to all of you.


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