Two is a herd

14km is a new distance record for my wife. We had a very nice run in the woods yesterday. All that running around in the city is just training for this. Happy new year, everybody!



Lazy but fast

wpid-IMAG2808.jpgI love the new Nike “Vapor” jacket. And yellow really works in the dark. Any runner I meet at night NOT wearing yellow is practically invisible.

I am having a bit of a lazy week, but my average pace is still OK. I’ve been running a lot of 800m, and the fastest recorded time is 2:45. There should have been one slightly faster but I accidentally stopped my watch. Room for improvement. I want to get below two minutes. No idea if that is even realistic, but it seems about right. I go for some 10k runs as well, but I’m enjoying the shorter, faster runs more and more. Even went for a run with the wife and daughter last week, which is much easier on a track than on a 15k run through town.

Running is a bit in the back of my mind this month (which is after all the merry month of making money for many musicians). But it’s still one of the high points of my week. Just hope my interest doesn’t die out any time soon…