New jacket & fast intervals

large-nike vapor Jacket YellowNow cars will see me for sure! Finally got around to buy that Nike “Vapor” jacket that I’ve looked at for more than a year. I like hooded jackets because the weather always changes in Copenhagen, so it’s nice to have the option of a little extra warmth. The jacket works fine. I bought it with room for layers, should be fine to about -10 Celsius with a warm sweater. Probably won’t wear it when not running… Because YELLOW.

The image to the left is pretty accurate. It is very bright fluorescent yellow. The material is wind proof and will keep you dry in a rain shower. Under the arms and along the sides of the torso the material is perforated with tiny holes, effectively making the jacket quite breathable. I  prefer these air ventilation holes to supposedly “breathing” materials, which are neither breathable nor water repellent in my experience. Or worse: they have some kind of silly waterproof coating which wears off in the washer. I prefer a waterproof jacket that has some kind of air holes under the arms so I don’t burn up. And if I get warm I just open the jacket in front. Speaking of opening the jacket, for some reason the zipper is fastened on the right side instead of left. I must try to remember this so I don’t rip off the zipper.

Four fast two-minute intervals today, below 4 min/km. I blew off a bit too much steam on the first interval. I think there are two reasons for this:

  1. My running form is better, so it’s easier to run too fast.
  2. I haven’t been strict with the sugar ban lately. I’m approaching 79kg again. Which is OK. But I can feel the difference when running.

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