A brrrrisk run, wearing out shoes, and unleashing monsters like Frankenstein


Holey smoke

Ran a 20:35 5k in the park today, which reassures me that my 19:50 run on the stadium isn’t just some GPS blip. It was pretty hard but not more so than I could keep running afterwards. It might take me some time to beat that time. I might need to shed a few kg’s more. (Don’t worry, I have some fat in storage still.)

Luckily I have my favourite distance 10k to work on. Which was my real plan for today. I had been hoping to keep a 4:00/km pace for six km, but there was just no way. Might be better off with something like 4:20 tempo. Anyway I need to spend some time below 4:30 pace, to make that pace mine.

My Vivibarefoot’s soles are wearing thin, and my toes are starting to come through the upper in various places. Soon I’ll have worn out my first pair of running shoes!


First they were black, then spotted, and now the white is coming through.

I sent my wife to the Marathon Sport training today and I think I have created a monster! Now she’s completely on fire and claims she’ll be faster than me in a couple of years. She has some African genes in her, and looks like she could run a mean 800m. But I am of course going to stay ahead of her at almost any cost.


2 thoughts on “A brrrrisk run, wearing out shoes, and unleashing monsters like Frankenstein

  1. Yeah, keep your wife in 2nd place! Now THAT’S motivation for you!! Awesome work in wearing out a pair of running shoes. I’ve got a few pairs on the go, and while I’m close to running a couple of them out, I always end up choosing my newest pair to run in! I do need to change them up a bit.

    • Or I could just do the manly thing and change sports ;-) But it’s great to have company.

      Some shoes take a long time to die. I just want to get these over with. I have a stack of almost unused ones waiting in line. I have some sort of perverse hangup about using stuff to the last thread. But I like to change shoes a lot too.

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