Negative splits aren’t bad at all


These are staying outside.

Finally a half marathon time that doesn’t suck! I ran a 21.1 in the park today in 1:47:09! About time I beat that old record. The funny thing is it wasn’t hard at all. I even ran home afterwards, after treating myself to a pair of running gloves.

The first 10k took 52 minutes, the next 10k took 50 minutes, and the last km was 4:35. My plan was to stay relaxed in the legs for the first 10k, and then increase the pace to a comfortably fast run the next 5, and then run the last 6 as fast as I could manage. Seems my plan was a bit conservative but otherwise good. I felt really energetic today, and jumped over rocks and fences whenever I could. What a comeback from September’s “zombie race”! I look forward to beating this record.

ImageI also went out and bought a Nike running jacket, but I’m going to return it, because it’s a bit tight over the shoulders in size medium. I might just go and get one in large, but now the moment is passed, so I might just get the money back. Anyway I already have a running jacket, and this one is not as warm as i thought. Looks sharp though.


My handywork

I brought water today in my modified FuelBelt bottle carrier, but it turned out I didn’t need it. Might be nice for warmer days though. It actually works very well now, with a smaller bottle, and with my little elastic band to keep it in place. It’s still a prime example of bad product design. Most people won’t bother to start sowing elastic bands on their fuel belts.

I also discovered something funny: My taste in drink during a run is different from usual. I’ve bought a soda sometimes on my long runs, and I’ve always found them to be too sweet and sour. Even a mild juice like apple juice is too sour and sickeningly sweet. But when I mix one part apple juice with two parts water I get a drink that tastes *HEAVENLY* on the run. The funny thing is it really doesn’t taste that good.

Any way best run in the park ever. Now for some Mexican pulled pork tacos with home made guacamole.




2 thoughts on “Negative splits aren’t bad at all

    • One benefit of being a couch potato: New PB’s all the time. Running is really fun right now. BTW Congrats on the Berlin marathon.

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