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I’m back on track for a half marathon PB, and today I did a decent 15k. It took me about 1 hour 12 minutes, and while I still cannot run negative splits for the life of me, I seem to fall into the groove at about 4:40 – 4:50 / minute, which would give me a finish time of about 1:42. I can breathe very calmly and comfortably at this pace. There’s a half marathon race on new year’s eve, and my goal would be 1:45.

One interesting thing about today’s run is that I tried to increase the speed at km11 (4:35/km), but I actually lost speed after that. I don’t think I should speed up until the last km in a race.

I think the main reason I’m getting faster is that I’ve lost some weight, and that just makes my “autopilot” pace faster, the pace that I fall into if I don’t think about how fast I’m running at all.

Very good run today.


5 thoughts on “15k

    • Thanks. I’m thinking I might need some longer fartlek / interval sessions, to be able to work when legs are tired. How long is your typical fartlek session w warm up and all? 8km?

      • If I don’t have a race coming up, I would 2 hours, 30 minutes warm up and then 4minutes hard 4 minutes easy. But I’d say you should start with 10km, warm up 2 and then do 500 hard and 500 easy, you could extend the “rest” period, always important to listen to your body.
        I have problems with pacing myself when I have to do “easy” or recovery runs, always end up pushing it too hard towards the end and then feel too tired the next day.

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