20 minutes!

Screenshot from 2013-10-12 17:05:37

I ran a 5k at the track today, and I finally beat 20 minutes! Right from the start I felt pretty sure I could make it, and I kept a good margin to 4min/km all the way. I’m more than one minute faster on the track than I am on gravel. 17°C, rainy and windy. Perfect running weather. Can’t wait to try it again.

So, this was my “unrealistic” goal when I started running. Next up is a new half marathon PB. I love running right now.


11 thoughts on “20 minutes!

    • That’s a good time too! That’s where I was one year ago. I have recently discovered 5k can be a fun distance. Good luck!

    • Thanks. It was the one goal I deemed “least realistic” a few months ago, and the only one I’ve reached. I think I may be more of a middle distance type. I bet you can beat me in a half marathon: I’m still at 1:57.

      • It’s great when you meet a goal that you never thought possible :) I’m trying to break through the 23′ barrier for 5k’, need to get back into speed training. I need to learn to endure discomfort! Your HM time is good, and weren’t you unwell when you did your last one?

      • Yes, I was pretty sick. Can’t wait to try again. Good luck with the 23 minutes! One thing that helps to endure discomfort is to keep a steady tempo and run for time instead of distance. Maybe because keeping a steady tempo takes a lot of concentration. ;-)

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