Berlin marathon and a 10 k in the park (PB)

For those that haven’t read the news today, Wilson Kipsang set a new official world record (2:03:23) in the Berlin Marathon today. Both winners of the race, Kipsang and Mary Keitany are featured in the book “Running with the Kenyans”, which I read a while ago. It’s amazing to imagine so many of the worlds best runners living in a small town in Kenya.

It’s not easy to see in this grainy video, but apparently some douche bag ran right in front of him over the finish line with an ad for an “erotic portal”. Wonder if the PR value will be worth the fine he’ll have to pay. Personally I’m not going to visit his site.

The news totally overshadowed the fact that I ran 10 km in 45:56 yesterday! I am happy with it. It was also a beautiful autumn day, and almost didn’t feel hard at all. I could have been disappointed to have missed a new all-time PB by 57 seconds, but I’m really just happy to be so close to my dream goal. When I started running two years ago, 45 minutes was my long term goal, which means, soon I’m going to have to find a new long term goal. 40 minutes seems like a stretch, but you never know…

Happy trails, and I hope everyone who ran in Berlin today get a good party and some rest.


2 thoughts on “Berlin marathon and a 10 k in the park (PB)

    • LOL now I wish I hadn’t written that. 40 minutes would be awesome. Good luck with the 45 minutes. I was at 52 just a few months ago, so it can change pretty fast sometimes. ;-)

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