Never run with a fever!

Today turned out worse than I had imagined. I ran the “Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon, and my mind was set on a new PB. My old one is 01:57. Turns out I was not “just nervous” as I tried to tell myself. It started with some aching joints during warm-up, (neck, shoulder, hip). When I got to the starting field, I was a surprised to see everyone in shorts and t-shirt. I was wearing tights, trackpants and a windbreaker and I was shivering with cold. They obviously don’t know how to dress, I told myself.

The gun went off and I stuck like glue to my 5min/km pace, disregarding all the faster runners, and kept that until about 10km. I know I can easily keep that up for 17km, so even if I felt like crap, I soldiered on. What can happen, right? It seemed like a sensible plan.

Then I had a massive wave of nausea and dizziness around km 16, and I decided it was best to try to throw up, and be finished with it. When I couldn’t do that I sat down on the pavement and ripped off my race tag, determined to go home and rest.

I sort of wish I’d done that. But the idea of setting a new PB kept me going. In the end I finished ten seconds after my previous PB, and after that I was not feeling well, and was unable to eat and drink for a few hours. Worst race ever. I’m sure the actual race was great, everything seemed to go smoothly. I just was not able to enjoy it. I managed to thank all the volunteers who cheered me on, but had a hard time smiling. Two new course records was set by William Morwabe: 1:03:59, and Annie Golden Bersagel: 1:12:01.

I’m going to stick to swimming for a months time, just to get this out of my system. And I swear I’m never running with a fever again.


8 thoughts on “Never run with a fever!

  1. Congrats on the 16KM you were able to achieve. I hope you feel better soon.

    I had a flu bug bounce back at mile 7 of the LA Marathon. I was fine unless I drank or ate when my stomach decided it was going to protest. Made for an ugly 26 miles to the finish. No fever though thank goodness.

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