Race day

So, tomorrow it’s time for another Copenhagen Half Marathon, and I think I might be nervous. My last PB (01:57) was new year’s eve, in a race with lots of kids and people in costumes. My plan is to beat that by at least ten minutes. I have been training well May through August, I’ve lost seven kilos since then, and I’ve had a couple of nice 16-17km training runs at race pace. I should be able to beat my PB.

I’ve paid to take the day off work, I’ve arranged a babysitter. I have really taken a lot of preparations for this race. I’m only 90% well from my cold, I still have chills and a headache, but hopefully that won’t matter as soon as I get warmed up. I hate the fact that all races are during my work hours.

But hopefully I’m just nervous, in which case all of the above are good signs that I’ll do well tomorrow. Warm up will consist of a bicycle trip to the baby sitter, and after the race I’m having a gigantic meal of greasy fast food.

PS: There’s something about motivational posters, Fitspiration, Moto-pics, that just begs to be made fun of. People who train this hard seriously need to take a break (As illustrated below).





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