Berlin marathon and a 10 k in the park (PB)

For those that haven’t read the news today, Wilson Kipsang set a new official world record (2:03:23) in the Berlin Marathon today. Both winners of the race, Kipsang and Mary Keitany are featured in the book “Running with the Kenyans”, which I read a while ago. It’s amazing to imagine so many of the worlds best runners living in a small town in Kenya.

It’s not easy to see in this grainy video, but apparently some douche bag ran right in front of him over the finish line with an ad for an “erotic portal”. Wonder if the PR value will be worth the fine he’ll have to pay. Personally I’m not going to visit his site.

The news totally overshadowed the fact that I ran 10 km in 45:56 yesterday! I am happy with it. It was also a beautiful autumn day, and almost didn’t feel hard at all. I could have been disappointed to have missed a new all-time PB by 57 seconds, but I’m really just happy to be so close to my dream goal. When I started running two years ago, 45 minutes was my long term goal, which means, soon I’m going to have to find a new long term goal. 40 minutes seems like a stretch, but you never know…

Happy trails, and I hope everyone who ran in Berlin today get a good party and some rest.


Zombies roam the streets

I didn’t get any sicker the day after my race with the flu. And as time goes by, I’m glad I finished it. There was a brief moment after I passed the finish line, before I started shivering and feeling sick, when I stood watching all the people passing the finish line after me. Most of them looked pretty fit and happy. I looked like this:


Notice how well dressed I am. I also think it’s ironic that my wife runs away from fictional zombies four nights a week, and them she goes home to that thing.

I am really hungry for a PR, so my plan is to get well and then I’ll run a half marathon against this guy:


Never run with a fever!

Today turned out worse than I had imagined. I ran the “Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon, and my mind was set on a new PB. My old one is 01:57. Turns out I was not “just nervous” as I tried to tell myself. It started with some aching joints during warm-up, (neck, shoulder, hip). When I got to the starting field, I was a surprised to see everyone in shorts and t-shirt. I was wearing tights, trackpants and a windbreaker and I was shivering with cold. They obviously don’t know how to dress, I told myself.

The gun went off and I stuck like glue to my 5min/km pace, disregarding all the faster runners, and kept that until about 10km. I know I can easily keep that up for 17km, so even if I felt like crap, I soldiered on. What can happen, right? It seemed like a sensible plan.

Then I had a massive wave of nausea and dizziness around km 16, and I decided it was best to try to throw up, and be finished with it. When I couldn’t do that I sat down on the pavement and ripped off my race tag, determined to go home and rest.

I sort of wish I’d done that. But the idea of setting a new PB kept me going. In the end I finished ten seconds after my previous PB, and after that I was not feeling well, and was unable to eat and drink for a few hours. Worst race ever. I’m sure the actual race was great, everything seemed to go smoothly. I just was not able to enjoy it. I managed to thank all the volunteers who cheered me on, but had a hard time smiling. Two new course records was set by William Morwabe: 1:03:59, and Annie Golden Bersagel: 1:12:01.

I’m going to stick to swimming for a months time, just to get this out of my system. And I swear I’m never running with a fever again.

Race day

So, tomorrow it’s time for another Copenhagen Half Marathon, and I think I might be nervous. My last PB (01:57) was new year’s eve, in a race with lots of kids and people in costumes. My plan is to beat that by at least ten minutes. I have been training well May through August, I’ve lost seven kilos since then, and I’ve had a couple of nice 16-17km training runs at race pace. I should be able to beat my PB.

I’ve paid to take the day off work, I’ve arranged a babysitter. I have really taken a lot of preparations for this race. I’m only 90% well from my cold, I still have chills and a headache, but hopefully that won’t matter as soon as I get warmed up. I hate the fact that all races are during my work hours.

But hopefully I’m just nervous, in which case all of the above are good signs that I’ll do well tomorrow. Warm up will consist of a bicycle trip to the baby sitter, and after the race I’m having a gigantic meal of greasy fast food.

PS: There’s something about motivational posters, Fitspiration, Moto-pics, that just begs to be made fun of. People who train this hard seriously need to take a break (As illustrated below).




I am running a half marathon in 14 days, and my tapering curve is way off…

I have a cold, and lots of work (singing). I’s always great to have work as a freelancer, but singing with a cold is just hard work! My daughter caught a cold two weeks ago, and all I could do was wait for the bacteria to take over my body.

I always picture kindergarten bacteria as an army of little monsters knocking down the gates, one little knock at the time. When my daughter gets ill, my immune system can withstand it for a week, maybe two. But sooner or later it will give in to the cocktail of germs. It doesn’t matter, except that if I get a throat infection, I can potentially lose thousands of euros. In the music business you often don’t get paid if you can’t perform. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but the thought is scary, and sooner or later it will happen.

Back to the tapering: two weeks left to the race, and I’ve already tapered down to zero. I hope I’ll be fit to do one last long run in four days’ time, but it’s looking dark. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just have to do some nice and easy short tempo runs and easy runs.

In the bright side, if I don’t I too well, I can PR in the New Years Race.

My weight, on the other hand, seems to taper nicely. I’m happy with my decision to quit sugar and white flour, and the truth is I don’t miss it. I still eat pizza and burgers as much as I like, just with 75% or more whole grain flour in the dough. And while I don’t eat wine gum and chocolate, I eat as much fruit and berries as I like. My weight is very slowly going down, and I’m not really working hard for it. Especially happy to get rid of the sugar cravings. Hope this lasts.