Define rest day:

DHL-stafetten_467491aI was supposed to run a Cooper test today. I dream of running 3000m in 12 min, but anything over 2700 is considered good by the tests standards. The Cooper test has gone out of fashion it seems, but I remember it from my school days, so it could be fun to try it.

I went out with my wife and daughter as pacers (a very professional team), BUT unfortunately there was

  1. A big football game at the stadium (FCK – FC Vestsjælland)
  2. A basketball tournament in the park
  3. Stands and fences put up for the DHL relay race, with 100.000 participants!
  4. Sparta Copenhagen Games at the race track

Everywhere there were crowds of men in athletic shirts drinking, eating kebabs and smoking cigarettes. In short, literally nowhere to go for a run in the whole Østerbro area, if you want avoid traffic lights. So instead we went to the beach. I paced my wife for 5k, and then I ran as fast as I could for 1.3km. I was pretty tired anyway, but managed 1km in 03:50. Which brings me to the subject of rest days:

What people do on rest days is probably as different as day and night. I spent at least three hours standing up and singing on a stage yesterday, which made my legs tired today. Occasionally I have days when I don’t move around much and I feel like it really speeds up recovery. I sometimes envy people who have a “sit down”-job after races and long runs. But then again, some say that to keep moving is the best way to start recovery. At least I try to tell myself that.


2 thoughts on “Define rest day:

  1. I usually schedule my days off on Fridays or Mondays, mainly beceuase I have the long workouts on weekends and I want to either be “rested” before a long run or “rest” after a long run. I try not to do much, but often end up doing more than I would normally do, the only thing I must do is go to bed early, even if it’s just to lay on bed, but I gotta be in bed before 11pm.
    I remember doing the cooper test back in high school, it’d mark the start of a new season and after 1 month off was horrible.

    • LOL I sleep at 11 anyway, I have a baby daughter. But I think you may be on to something with the sleep. Paula Radcliffe says she sleeps 12 hours a day. And when my daughter was still keeping us awake at night it added 14 minutes to my half marathon time, despite lots of training, and a very hard effort.

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