I did it!

ImageI felt like such a baby when I aborted my long run Friday, but in hindsight I’m pretty happy about my decision. It turns out my blister was pretty bad, and I walked funny all weekend. If you see the picture to the left you can see a saw tooth-edge on the insole. I had a bit of skin caught between that stiff insole and the outer liner, so the shoe was basically sawing my skin and then squeezing the blister with a force of my bodyweight times 2. I could blame the shoes, but my feet are so ridiculously wide, hardly any shoes fit me. I think I just need to break them in. To sum it up: The Innov8 Bare-x 150 is a great shoe, apart from the evil saw of Mordor under the ball of the foot.

Today I headed out in a well-tested pair of shoes, but because of the heat, it wasn’t the most comfortable 1h 20min. But thats not important: I made my target! I ran 17km @ 5min/km pace all the way! Around 8km I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it. My GPS watch’s battery was dying, and I was a bit discouraged to see what waiting for red lights did to my 1km splits, but it seems I picked up the pace again. I was lucky and found a guy in a triathlon suit who was running at about 4:30 pace, so I made a game out of trying to pass him, slowly but steadily. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have made my goal. It felt pretty good to be able to pick up my pace to around 4:00 so late in the run, around km 15.

As I said, It was a bit too hot today. I never complain about running in the rain, but when the sun is shining and temperature rises above 25°C, my body starts complaining. At one point I was running back and forth on a tiny stretch of tree-shaded path just to avoid direct sunlight. I could  see my pace dropping as soon as I was out in the sun. I’ve also read somewhere that a tech shirts isn’t always the best choice of garment in the heat, unless it’s very breathable. The fact that they keep you dry, also stops the body from cooling down. I’m fuzzy on the physics here, but my long sleeved shirt felt like a bad choice today.

I also saw a young woman bicycling with a cat on her shoulders!?! She was going at pretty high speed while cuddling her cat. How come that cat didn’t stick it’s claws out? Or was she wearing some sort of body armour?

After my run I had to lie down. All in all a pretty good training session, and I’m beginning to think that a 1:45 half marathon is within reach.


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