Locating Satellites…

… is what my watch was doing for about ten minutes today. I was happy though, because that meant a good long warm-up before some 2 min intervals. I felt like I put in some good work. Ten days of running in the forest has left me with an appetite for lactic acid. A bit of a routine run today, except for some green new shoes!

They’re called Innov8 Bare-x Lite 150, and they have a bit more cushioning than most of my shoes. I bought them because I came back from my holiday with a new insight that running on roads sort of sucks, and that a bit of rubber under your soles really help. According to some tests, about 10mm of rubber between your sole and the pavement is the most energy efficient shoe. (More efficient than running barefoot or with a 20mm sole, metabolically speaking.) Not that it matters much for a non-competitive runner, but it might be a pointer in the right direction.

Anyway they are really comfy, and they look very outdoorsy. They are my first pair of road-dedicated shoes, and I plan to use them less on gravel and grass than my other shoes. The rubber is harder than normal EVA, so they can probably last a good while, but I’m going to avoid gravel roads with these shoes, as they don’t have any protective, hard rubber under the sole. Which BTW makes them quite light.


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