New 1km PB

Just like a cheetah, I like to sleep alot.

Just like a cheetah, I like to sleep a lot.

Just snuck out for 20 minutes, jogged around a bit, did some odd looking warm-ups, and then I crushed my 1km record by more than half a minute! 3:21 is what my watch said, but I’ll probably do it again on a track to get it precise, because the watch can be off on such short distances. I ran on an almost flat stretch of pavement. What was fun though, was a familiar burning feeling in my lungs and upper body muscles, which I literally haven’t felt in 15 years. Not very comfortable, but brought back fond memories of beating my classmates in high school. I can’t believe I haven’t pushed my physical boundaries in 15 years! I also can’t understand how I could live without exercise for so long. It’s the best feeling in the world.


The race track.

One thing that has changed, apart from me getting fitter, is that I have tested some more limits since last time, so I feel more certain that I’m not going to harm myself, that the pain is just pain. I can enjoy it more. Earlier I would feel subconsciously that something was wrong, and slow myself down. I think the interval training has really helped me enjoy the temporary pain of running. It’s also easier to push yourself when you have some energy reserves of course. My 5k goal is anything under 20 min.

IMAG1898I used the NB Minimus Trail shoes for this run, mainly because they’re the lightest I have. They don’t fit me very well, but for anyone with narrower feet they should be a good fit. At this speed I just want as little shoe as possible, and blisters is no issue. I guess you could say these shoes, for me, fit like a narrow racing flat. I can’t believe some guys can run a whole marathon at this pace: I can hardly get my heels down on the ground at 3:21 pace. It’s very close to sprinting.

My goal when I started running was to finish a 10k in 45 minutes, and it seems I can do that as well in the not too distant future. Then I need some new goals.

Lastly, when I say I’m starting to enjoy the pain, I don’t mean like this guy (Very watchable 1 hour video on Marathon des Sables featuring British rowing champion James Cracknell):


4 thoughts on “New 1km PB

    • He’s an impressive athlete! I think it’s really cool how he takes his mental focus and just applies it to a different sport like it’s the most natural thing.

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